Either you’re alone, with friends, in a party, or in a particular situation, something else is in the air: music. Songs are not only for spend time with yourself or others. They drive people to do things: try new stuff, make friends, dance until they can’t do it anymore, meet their life partner, and a lot more.

Music indeed, is a way of communication like no other, that allows us to interact with people like never before. And that’s the main power of music: to connect with you. With others. With feelings.

Qroom is a platform to listen music in a simple and intuitive way. But not only that: qroom lets you watch the videos of the songs and considers them one of the main part, because in this new era, music is not only listened; music is also seen.

In a time where we gather information from all parts, qroom goes back to the roots. To the essential. To the fact of being with you through music. Simple and complex as that.